Governing in jeans: Burgum's unique approach to North Dakota

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- QAA (@QAAtweets) October 9, 2017 It comes after universities minister Jo Johnson asked the QAA, vice-chancellors' group Universities UK (UUK) and the National Union of Students to draw up new guidance for institutions on how to deal with the issue.

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Dobrindt said that the finding of the "defeat device" software resulted from tests carried out by German authorities. He said that "a so-called warm-up strategy" is triggered when cars are being tested that is not activated during normal driving.

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He said that authorities will order an obligatory recall as in previous such cases. Alexander Dobrindt said Thursday that the model affected is a Cayenne 3-liter TDI that is still in production. He added that 7,500 such vehicles have been registered in Germany and some 22,000 across Europe.

We need a little more friction between the legislative and executive branches. "That's how he presented himself and that's how he's been," Becker said. "I appreciate the dude believes in what his role is and I admire that.

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The veto dispute - which would be the first such challenge in the state Supreme Court in nearly four decades - stands to be an expensive example of a revamped GOP power structure that hasn't yet figured out how to get along.

One idea he offered - allowing parking meters in the only state that does not, as a way to increase turnover in commercial districts - went nowhere this year. Burgum said he's been working with local communities on the idea, created a website, and may propose legislation prior to the next session to advance the idea.

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